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Products I regret buying

Because I am a product and makeup junkie, I do end up with
many things that I regret buying. I thought I would do a blog post on it. Sorry
for the stock photos of everything.

Chanel  HYDRAMAX +

I was so happy when I bought this as my face was very dry
because of another products I had been using (also listed in this post) and so
when I switched this, I thought it felt lovely and would sooth my skin. Sadly, tuned out to be a big expensive mistake. Completely dried out my skin and left
it looking horrible. The texture and everything is lovely and feels very rich
so I thought it would be okay but I guess my skin didn’t agree with the ingredients.
This really shocked me as my skin is dry but not sensitive.  Just not for me sadly. However, as it is so
expensive I am using it on my feet so I can use it up and it won’t go to waste.
Photo from Chanel©


So I bought this along with the cream, thinking that they
would both work to help my skin. This just did nothing at all. Didn’t make me
skin any brighter or nicer looking. Basically it was just useless and expensive.
I have no idea what to do with this and I know that even though I love Chanel
makeup their skincare range does not suit me at all.
Photo from Chanel©

Clarin’s Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil

Oh dear this completely dried out my skin. It’s a lovely
facial oil and smells divine but didn’t not work for my skin at all. I had dry
patches and peeling skin after using this. Very much regret buying.

Photo from Clarins©

Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Eye Palette

I am so shocked at including this in here as this was
something I really wanted and went to huge lengths to get. It’s not something I
regret buying as the colours in the palette are lovely, it’s just that the shimmery eye-shadows colours pay-off is dreadful. I applied some of the Caramel Sparkle Eye (the darker sparkly one 4th from right) and you couldn’t even see
it! Not even a bit of glitter. Considering how expensive it was I was very
disappointed. The matt colours however are lovely and I do use this palette,
however compared to the Naked 2 palette or even the Sleek makeup palettes this
just pales in comparison.
Photo from Bobbi Brown©
My skin now is back to normal and I will do a blog post on
that. In the end, I didn’t go back to Pai as it’s very difficult to get as you
need, as you need to buy online. I decided to use Neal Yards products (amazing). Full
blog post on reviewing all the products I have bought from there coming up.
Do you have any products you regret buying? Or love? Let me know in the comments below 

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