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The Love Child by Rachel Hore

The Love Child
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Published: 5th Sept 2019
A young mother's sacrifice. A child's desperate search for the truth . . . When nineteen-year-old Alice Copeman becomes pregnant, she is forced by her father and stepmother to give up the baby. She simply cannot be allowed to bring shame upon her family. But all Alice can think about is the small, kitten-like child she gave away, and she mourns the father, a young soldier, so beloved, who will never have.

Due to the lockdown I have reading more books. I have been creating a book log and I thought that it would be good idea for me to review them on my website so I can look back on them.

I was browsing Amazon when I came across this in my recommendations. The story sounded interesting, adoption in the 19 centaury and how things were so different back then so I thought I would read it.

This book was such an enjoyment to read. The main characters who were all so different in personality I felt tied in together and made the story have such substance.

Alice, I thought was such strength. Back in those times giving up her child, following her dreams to become a doctor and holding her ground with the man she married. I really enjoyed reading through her life. Being one of the first female doctors to study medicine along with Barbara. I felt she showed determination and passion without being over the top that sometimes some authors tend to make their female characters.

Edith. I thought it was captivating her story. I liked how Rachel touched on her fears and emotions on adoption. At times she can be so unfeeling, and you want to scream at her how can you not love Irene but really, I thought it was realistic. She was an antiheroine but as you read more into the book and saw more of her story that you really came to know here. I loved scene between her and Irene when she finally showed emotion and showed how much she loved her daughter.

Irene. She was a sweetheart. Her story with Edith, trying to find who she was, Alice and Tom were all so delightful to read.

So why only 4 & 1/2 stars? Well I felt the ending was too rushed. I would have liked to have read more scenes with Irene, Alice and Edith together. I just would have liked to have seen the dynamic between them all and more of Irene and her feelings towards her mother and birth mother.

But still this was such an enjoyable book. I am looking at reading more by Rachel Hore.

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