Look Who’s Back …

… well, hopefully I will be. Not blogged in years. I tried to various other blog’s and they just didn’t work so I am coming back to this blog. I have a shiny new domain extension .blog as well.

I’m going to not limit my blog to things I have bought. I’ve finally decided that I am going to blog about what I want and for me. I’m never going to be some famous blogger (not that I ever thought I would be) and I really miss the good old days when I would just blog about my life, so I’m going to combine everything. 

I know what I want my first real come back post to be about, how I managed to change my mindset in terms of my constant feeling of being anxious and slowly building up my confidence. Not to mention finally realising that I just don’t give a damn about how the world perceives me and that world doesn’t really care, it’s me who is my own worst critic. 

So yeah, look forward to new content, even if it just me reading this.

Please bare with me, half of all the links are broken

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