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Flowbox Monthly box

I’ve decided to start subscribing to monthly boxes again,
however this time I wanted to try something different than just beauty. After
looking on the web, I decided to try out FlowBox and thought I would share
with you what I got.

They do different boxes and different sizes, normal and mini.
They ranges they do are Vegan, Classic and Gluten-Free. I decided to get the
Mini Classic box. The Mini boxes start from £9.95 and normal from £17.95 + P&P. These
boxes contain natural food, beauty or household goods with no nasty stuff.

Scott Farms Sweet Potatos chips

OMG Sweet potatoes crisp. I didn’t even though things like
this existed. They are yummy and I will be buying more.

Lima Rice Quinoa

 Ugly water in Lemon and Ginger flavour

This is good! I really like it. Very light and refreshing
and just a nice alternative to drinking plain water. I plan to buy it again and
also try some of the different flavours.

Olive Branch Greek Mezze

Not tried this yet but plan to make pasta and chicken with
this as a sauce. I think it will taste very nice.

Planet Organic Chia and Vanilla bar

I keep this in my bag in case I feel hungry. Not tried this one yet. 

Nom Organic Bar Cacao and Raspberry

I liked this one. Will be looking at more from this brand.

Overall, I am very happy with this box. I hope next box I
get a more of a selection as this was mainly food but I am very happy as I am
trying new healthy food.

You can find out more about Flow box from their website

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