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The Butterfly Room

The Butterfly Room
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Published: 2 May 2019
A beautifully English family saga, with dramatic secrets from the past. Set in the idyllic coastal town of Southwold. Posy Montague is approaching her seventieth birthday. Still living in her beautiful family home, Admiral House, set in the glorious Suffolk countryside where she spent her own idyllic childhood catching butterflies with her beloved father, and raised her own children, Posy knows she must make an agonising decision. Despite the memories the house holds, and the…

Overall, I found this book was just ok. I loved the past stories and I lived how it showed the dynamic od the families. But I found the book didn’t have any feelings. It seemed very cold to me. I didn’t see the love between Posy and Freddie. I liked Tammy but Nick annoyed me as he was so whiney. Sam and Alice’s relationship, I thought had the most character and I liked how a bad relationship was portrayed. Should have left out Seb and showed how Alice as a strong woman dealt with it on her own though in my opinion.

Posy – I liked reading her past story and life in Cambridge.

Alice – Her struggles and story were so realistic.

Tammy – She was my favourite. I felt for her.

I also felt for Erin.

The boys were just so weak and poorly written. I didn’t feel anything for any of them.

So, in all the book was just ok for me. It’s not something I would re-read really.

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