Sainsbury’s Candles

I was in Sainsbury’s the other day having my eyebrows threaded (such
a relief having somewhere in town which now does threading) when I decided to
have a mooch around the home department. Browsing I found these amazing

Passion Flower and Mango

Heady notes of peach and mango rest on passion flower, sandalwood and soft vanilla. (Taken straight from Sainsburys website as it didn’t come with a card or box with any information)

Wild Cotton

A fresh and clean wild cotton fragrance with delicate floral undertones (Sainsbury’s website)

I remember when the candles launched in Sainsbury’s and how wonderful
the smelt. I was going to buy them then but I was in a rush and didn’t have
time. I completely forgot about them until I was browsing today and smelt them.
My favourite two scents out of the 5 (my Sainsbury’s only
had 5 there might be more) are Passion Flower and Mango and Wild Cotton. I was
also very happy to see they had 3 wick candles and for the amazing price of £6.
Yes £6! I am someone who has spent £40 on buying 3 wick candles and these Sainsbury’s
ones are amazing that smell divine and are a fraction of the cost. Also they have many other types such as a 1 wick candle, one in a jar and a larger one than this size.

I also bought the reed diffusers. They smell amazing. I am so happy. I plan to repurchase these. I also saw in another part an Elderflower and Mint candle. Didn’t have time to smell it but I will see if it smells nice. I also want to buy the Sainsbury’s White Fig & Patchouli Wax Filled Glass Candle. They didn’t have any in stock but I remember it was the first candle I smelt when they launched and it was so nice.

There are loads more scents. Have you smelt any? If so which ones are your favorites?

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