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I’ve always maintained some sort of diary. Though in my younger years it was more to write down my teenage angst than planning my day. Oh, the enjoyment of reading all my diary posts.

Anyway, when I started Uni, I used to use a Filofax then when I started working, I invested in a Louis Vuitton MM planner. I love my LV MM planner. use this on the go when I am at work and travelling.

One day I was browsing the web looking for new inserts when I landed on an Inspiration for your planner site. OMG from then on, I was hooked, Stickers, Washi tape, half cut boxes, headers the list goes on.

As I got more into the planning world, I also saw ideas of how to use your planner to not only organise your day but to also use it for self-care and well organise your mind.

Quickly though I realised my LV MM was too small. I wanted to use it for everything and while I still use my LV for when I am out and about, I use my A5 planner for my selfcare and organising.

It took a while to find which style I liked. I did look at bullet journaling, but I wasn’t really keen on the format. I liked pretty inserts and wellbeing non artistic I wanted all that stuff done for me. I do however really recommended reading: How to Bullet Plan: Everything You Need to Know About Journaling with Bullet Points by Rachel Wilkinson Miller. It’s a good way to get started in journaling even if you are not using a bullet planner.

I tried out a few styles, I did once purchase the Erin Condren planner, but it was too expensive shipping to the UK, so I only ever had the one. So, I then thought I will use my LV MM for my day to day stuff and use another planner just for selfcare. So, I tried the Happiness Planner. It was good but for some reason I thought it was too restricted. So, I tried the Happy Day planner, which also had a diary included and a mini selfcare. I’m not sure why I purchased both of these are they are way too similar, but I did use this one for a while but again I wanted to add my own inserts and style.

So, after trying the coil versions, I decided on a ring planner as it was the style, I was most used to and comfortable with. Next came choosing a ring planner. I didn’t want a Filofax, so I considered buying a LM GM planner but then I ruled against it. I mean I had LV MM and the prince was too much.

I tried a few, the Happiness Planner had a ring version, so I tried that, but it only fitted a few of my inserts then didn’t close. I tried a kikki.K, but it was too bulky.

It took a while, but I found my perfect one on Etsy. This is the one I chose by BooksByNusikdecor . In fact, if you click the link, she is using the one I customised. That was the thing. I could customise it to how I liked. I chose the Quote, the colour, the ring colour (rose gold), the inside design. I just love it. The quote to me is so important. Being independent it’s one that really carries with me.

This is my planner along with a few of the inserts I use. (There are loads more pictures on my Instagram)

This is my current spread. I don’t go over the top with stickers.

I’ve added to it more over the months. I’ve recently started trying to create my own inserts as well (a pain as my printer isn’t too good at printing on both sides) but all in all I love my planner.

I’m currently sat in the garden typing this post and then I’ll plan out my next week. I find it so relaxing. Though I will admit when I discovered I can’t do those perfect planner spreads how see on instragram I did have a self-pity party. Then I got over it and realised this is my planner, it will only be as good as me and it’s for me. So now I just plan it how I like and that is the key. Your planner is a reflection on you, don’t bother trying to get it perfect (unless of course you are one of those amazing planners spread people) just enjoy it and use it to help you rather than add more burden.

I can see my use this planner for a long time. I have to admit if it does start to break apart then I’ll probably repurchase.

Do you have a favourite planner? Stickers? Design layout? Be very interested to read about it.

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