C2C Outfits

On 11th March I attended my first ever C2C (Country 2 Country) music festival. Being such a huge fan of country music I was so excited to attend and also dress up. So here are my outfits for the 3 days I went. Sadly I can’t link to the actual items as they are all out of stock.

Day 1

These pink boots were my absolute joy. I spent over a month trying to break them in and I am so happy I was able to wear them for the whole day.

As the boots were so detailed I decided to keep the rest of the outfit simple, with these star shorts and a plain white T-shirt with some fringe on the sleeves. The jacket was a soft grey white with some more fringe on the back. I thought the whole outfit worked with the majority of the emphasis being on the boots.

  • Boots – dollskill – Be warned the buckles make them heavy. You can buy a smaller height version as well.
  • Shorts – boohoo
  • T-Shirt – amazon
  • Jacket – boohoo

Day 2

For Day 2 I chose a very simple outfit paired with these beautiful fringe shorts. I felt for each of my outfits I wanted the focal point to be on one thing and so this time it was my shorts.

These are more suited to an outdoor festival but I still wanted to wear them. Simple look but felt it all worked together.

Day 3

I decided to embrace my inner country rocker – plus I was seeing Ashley McBryde so I had to.

This has to be one of my favourite outfits. I think on this one the jeans slightly took the focal point but I loved it.

  • Top – ebay
  • Jeans – emp
  • Belt – shein
  • Boots – everything5pounds
  • Jacket – boohoo
  • Cowboy Hat – Bought at C2C – if anyone knows the name of the store please let me know!

The best part of all my outfits is that they weren’t super expensive (although my pink boots were a bit pricey) and you can get such good country outfits from places like shein or amazon.

C2C was an amazing 3 day event, with brilliant artists from all over. I was on my own for one of the days and I had such a good time! So don’t be scared if you are going solo!

Country music is beautiful and I have made such good friends with people who also love this genre so if you like country music be sure to check out next years lineup!

To sum up my favourites:
Boots – Day 1
Shorts – Day 2
Entire outfit – Day 3

What did you guys think of my outfits? Any you really like (or hate).

Let me know and thanks for reading.